Bronchitis Syrup: Asthma & Respiratory Disorders

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Bronchitis Syrup 100ml bottle.

To regulate the flow , to invigorate the spleen function, to eliminate damp, and to resolve phlegm Distension and fullness sensation in the chest and epigastrium with anorexia, vomiting and diarrhea; cough with copious phlegm .Relieving cough and bronchial asthma
In treating common cold due to wind-cold
In treating cough due to wind-heat
To induce perspiration for dispelling cold and to cause diuresis.
To moisten the lung and relieve cough.
Removing heat, expectorant, calm asthma, and relieving cough. It’s indicated for kink cough, coughing caused by cold, acute tracheitis and chronic tracheitis.