The Cosmodic Era: Overview

Phyto-Nucleus/ Cosmodic philosophy
A new approach in Energy medicine that is completely corrective taking the journey back to health to another level, where healing takes place interconnected, between Mind, body & spirit.

There are also obvious physiological results with this treatment, the regeneration of heart muscle, lungs and kidneys, as well as cellular repair throughout the entire body. All these healing miracles and yet, the potential is still limitless; the study in Cosmodic therapies and Phyto-Nucleus formulae has just begun, the defining magical componant may be attributed to the activation of stem cells in the body.

Also the penetration of vibrations and Phyto-molecular materia, is capable of affecting the brain’s delta-waves, which contain our most ancient regenerative programs and which typically do not respond to any form of stimulation. - This in itself implies the potential for each of us to produce Fluid Intelligence.

Additionally Phyto-Nucleus treatment strengthens and optimizes the adaptive reactions through Cosmodic means, helping the body to complete the healing cycle faster. This deep penetration of energy reaches the most subtle levels of healing, at it's core, and is therefore quite universal and good for acute & chronic conditions of various kinds which would under normal circumstances, provoke a healing crisis, but the Cosmodic path supports the body's ability to adapt to the New vibrational blueprint at the deepest cellular levels, thus avoiding this type of healing crisis

Cleaning cellular memory and reminding the body how to heal and regenerate as in its original design is the criterea in the New generation of Pure energy medicine- these increase the level of systemic coherence, restoring our connection to the much bigger whole, which we are all a part of.
The Cosmos is living and intelligent, and Coherent Energy Technologies such as Cosmodic- Phyto-Nucleus, simply heal our separation from it {the Cosmos}.

As the level of human consciousness rises, Cosmodic will inevitably become a primary form of assistance in healing.

Cosmodic is here and its only just begun!