Phyto-Nucleus: A Brief Overview

Most of the Gemmotherapy therapeutic actions in the past have been based more on clinical than scientific observations but that is changing.

By understanding Phytotherapy (which is the scientific understanding of herbology), you can start understanding the phytochemical constituents of other parts of the plants or herbs and what phytochemicals are present in the embryonic stage which contains all the future genetic information of the plant.

In the near future, it will prove that the use of any herbs or plants should only be in the embryonic stage with some exceptions. The reason is that Gemmotherapy uses the most active part of a plant with the above mention benefits. Mature plants lose many of these benefits.

Gemmotherapy versus Phytotherapy

1. More detoxifying (drainage) than Phytotherapy
2. More vitality in the growth stage than the mature plant
3. More concentrated phytochemicals in the embryonic stage
4. RNA/DNA repair
5. Regenerating Anti-Aging
6. More powerful characteristics

Drainage and Detoxification

We know that drainage is the stimulation of the excretory organs, such as kidneys, liver and even the skin. If the normal excretory system is blocked or deficient, unwanted by-products and toxins are not removed from the body and one or more of these organs needs to be stimulated.

Gemmotherapy is often regarded as a modern form of drainage which opens up the possibility of true tissue therapy.

Gemmotherapeutic remedies are prepared from fresh buds and young shoots or rootlets of plants or any embryonic tissues in the growth phase.
They are rich in growth factors, such as vitamins, hormones, auxins and gibberellins, anthocyanins and essential minerals and trace elements.

The combination of these 3 systems of vibrational and energy medicine, each system combines the spirit/body/soul in their philosophy, and in accordance to the rules of Alchemy which regards the body, soul and spirit as a Whole in balance.
By combining these systems the effect is amplified profoundly, working on the subtle bodies and releasing symptoms very rapidly.

They are, therefore, potentially, very Powerful and effective Phyto-Nucleus remedies.

The range of application varies being used as a gentle remedy that detoxes the entire system, an independent therapy for a wide variety of illnesses.they are also very powerful regenerative treatment for all the systems and subtle bodies and in maintaning a presence of anti ageing nutrients circulating throughout the body. strengthening the overall vitality of the organisms and thus greatly promote the regeneration process.


"The word alchemy comes from the Arabic word "al-kimiya" and refers to chemistry, specifically that during the middle ages, and the beginning of modern times with the initiation of universal scientific research into chemical materials. Alchemy represents the union of the most different scientific, technical, philosophical and religious contexts."