NEW: elixirs for Raising Conscious Awareness


Consciousness and Life Expansion: Beyond the Threshold

Our elixirs are completely unique, we combine our methods using only the Highest quality Chinese energy Herbs and Entheo-Botanicals (shamanic plants) with an Alchemical process of preparation to create a Powerful Spagyric elixir, each one prepared following celestial timings and dates for specific operations in a clean empowered space, each elixir is spiritually empowered to work for the highest good. We ONLY use HIGHLY charged powerful water during the water phase of preparation, each elixir is designed to activate specific areas of healing or consciousness expansion.

The Inner workings of the Plant kingdom is the most superior level of healing that will fully supports the evolving electric light body of the human being which is connected to all forms of life consciousness, we have the ability to absorb energy from energy giving creations and keep up with the shifting from natures natural ability to transform and evolve limitlessly!

Our bodies are crying out for Phyto-nutrients that are missing links to further absorb the incoming energies and universal codes that are entering our systems. Our elixirs activate the 'Heart intelligent' Love elixir within every individual that raises the body's vibratory rate.

We will be introducing further to our NEW line of Conscious awakening elixirs that are designed to activate the Fountain of youth within the body's system, repair and recode RNA/DNA this will expedite the bodies ability resist the ageing process and frequently regenerate itself.

Keep an eye out for our NEW exotic elixirs and Fullmoon Dew ORMUS elixir a sophisticated alchemical elixir using the power of Life force energy in Minerals ~ Liquid Love GOLD drops!

'Spirit of the Shaman' elixir ~ For Altered states of reality and vision quests

This Elixir is specially prepared with various Shamanic herbs and completely balanced and intended to open up channels for a spiritual journey, by introducing these psychotropic nutrients in small doses you will be opening psychic channels and conscious awareness this elixir is perfect for intergrating in your daily schedule guidances will be subtle but profound
and it will prepare your body for a transformation, specially beneficial in preparation for Ayahuasca journeys....
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Blue Lilly Lotus elixir ~ For Expanding Conscious Awareness

Blue Lotus Lily elixir is perfect for keeping one Heart Centered, it replaces important chemicals in the brain that keep one on a state of euphoria and stress free, it diminishes depression and anxiety both allowing us to take a deeper glimpse at our perceptions on life. It allows us to stay in the moment and enjoy what life brings us.
For anyone who wishes to expand consciousness.
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Understanding the Importance of Light Body activation

Our exotic elixirs are designed and created for Rapid healing and raising the vibratory rate for ascension, the ZPTech Video below closely describes the innerworkings of our elixirs: With the use of Sound and light Resonance and Radionics as well as Multidimensional symbols: The labyrinth, flower of life and seed of Life we empower our elixirs to work with universal energies to amplify the vibrations of each living plant and plant 'Spirit'

Orgone Energy Creations: Galleries

We suggest for experiencing amplified and heightened effects with our elixirs to work with orgone cones or pendants with charged water, for supreme results!

Our Partners at Natures blessings offer the highest quality Orgone Creations available online with powerfully charged water all are designed to work with our elixirs and at raising vibratory rates and conscious awareness.

Check out Natures Blessings Sophisticated Designer hand crafted Energy Creations!
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Alchemy, Light Body Living: 2012