Calculi-Mek: Uninary Tract, Kidneys & Bladder


Calculi-Mek: The Urinary Tract the Kidneys and the Bladder 20 Soft capsules

Indications: RENAL CALCULI

Acts like magic to expel stones from kidney in very short time. Avoid Surgery
Prevents formation of any stone in kidney.
Corrects heptic and renal disorder.
Relieves kidney and bladder pains.
Relieves rheumatic paralytic pains from shoulder to finger joints.
Relieves burning pain from frequent urination.
Removes pain from organic structure of urethra, scanty urine drop by drop.
Removes gravals,white deposits amorphous salts, oxalic acid in urine.
Replaces the use of catheter.
Anti hemorrhagic,anti uric acid, anti utrine fibroid, anti cystitis.
Effective on albuminaus,blood in urine,inflammatory urogenital system.
Removes back and heel pains due to congested kidneys.
Removes marasmus and periosteal pains due to venereal disease
Dispels uric acid.
Removing heat and detoxificating, promoting urination and dispersing stagnation. It’s indicated to treat upper respiratory tract infection, bronchitis, tonsillitis, cynanche, boils, mammitis, pelvic inflammation, appendage's inflammation, cholecystitis, appendicitis, urinary tract infection

This is a powerful combination that works to restore kidney function in days!