The Phyto Nucleus (stemcell) Breakthrough

Phytotherapy in the current period: A Revolution~

Phyto-Nucleus Therapy only uses the buds and young shoots of the plants, at the embryonic stage. The use of buds in traditional pharmacopeia (Gemmotherapy) dates back to the middle Ages when Alchemy was the common means of treatment.
Modern technology has made possible a giant leap in this potential. Phyto-Nucleus therapy is creating a new panacea in the science of Plant Alchemy.

Phyto-embryonic Breakthrough and Brief Overview

"I feel so good! There’s such a full support system in these little tabs that it makes me feel like I was deprived of the nutrients all of this time. It really makes me question even how I’m eating and my supplements. And the tabs are so gentle – they are totally compatible with my biological and nervous system. I can barely wait for the other ones." testimonials here
Isabelle AK

What is Special about Our Treatment ?

"The Healing Garden, a natural heaven for body, senses and spirit. Clean clear energy for mind & body"

Phyto-nucleus medicine is the basis of all of elixirs combined. Sub atomic elements taken from the nucleus of the plant only available in buds, this on a molecular level restoring the functioning of the cells, tissues, organs and glands.

It GREATLY assists the body in its elimination of toxins, free-radicals, drugs etc, thus restoring the functioning of all systems and glands. And in addition it acts as a catalyst to speed up metabolism at a cellular level as well as enhancing the movement of Ions into and out of the cell, increasing the life force of the whole body organism. Reviving each deteriorating cell.

The nature of Phyto-nucleus medicine is Cosmodic - increasing the life force energy and frequencies of the human body (on all levels) and reconnecting it to the cosmos aligning and activating the electric body.

Phyto-Nucleus extract of active Phyto-chemicals are the latest in the Natural health medicines used as micro doses with maximum effectiveness and having no side effects. 100% vegetarian and kosher.

This has the advantage of both Allopathic technology and Homoeopathic system of medicines.

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